Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CRQ Surprise!

I came home to a package today.  My friend Jan-Maree over at Cherry Red Quilter, who also has another blog called Aussie Hero Quilts, both of which are wonderful blogs filled a package till it was stuffed with goodies, then mailed it to me all the way from Australia.  
Photo from Cherry Red Quilter blog

I won her most recent giveaway of the most darling fabrics.  What a doll, don't you agree?  Her original post about the giveaway can be found here. Do pay her a visit.

Photo from Cherry Red Quilter blog

So, here's what she sent--four half-metric (very close to a half yard) pieces of some of the most darling fabrics. The cutest bunny buttons, some smiley face buttons, a multicolored trim, and TWO patterns: one from Rosalie Quinlan Designs and another from Cindi Edgerton.  What fun these will be.  

I'm seriously thinking that I'll use the fabrics to make more NICU hospital gowns. I haven't made any in a while, and Jan-Maree's work with the Aussie Hero Quilts has me thinking about the good our sewing can do for the world.  
Photo from Cherry Red Quilter blog

What tiny baby wouldn't love a gown made of these happy fabrics?  Unfortunately, the gowns can't have buttons or trim because they would irritate ultra-sensitive nerves.

Photo from Cherry Red Quilter blog

For those of you interested in joining me by making a few of these little gowns, you can find my tutorial here.  I recommend that you use whatever cotton fabric you like for the outside of the gown and an unbleached muslin for the lining.  

Here's a photo of one of the gowns I made.  I've used the adhesive backed Velcro in the past, but now I use the sew in without the adhesive.  I really do not like the gummy mess that builds up on the needle.  Besides, I have to sew the adhesive backed stuff anyway because it pulls out the first time it's unfastened.  

Back to Jan-Maree, though.  She is such a inspiration that I truly hope you go to her blog and get to know her.  She's funny, energetic, and giving.  You'll see, just go!

To Jan-Maree: I can't say thank you enough.  But I can let you know when some NICU gowns are finished up.  I'm confident that I'll wrap up Meggan's quilt in a few more quilting sessions.  (hopefully, anyway)  I promise a few gowns as soon as that's done.

Thank you, Jan-Maree.
Happy Quilting,


Jan Maree said...

Hi Mary, I am sure I am blushing from all your kind words. So glad you like the fabric and so glad that it is going to be used rather than languishing my drawers. It certainly wouldn't work on a soldier's bed! Hee hee - happy stitching!

Mary Marcotte said...

Oh Jan-Maree, you're so modest! Such talent and goodness deserves to be recognized. I've begun cutting the NICU gowns out. Hoping to have a few sewn up while I'm off for the Mardi Gras holiday. Thanks again--can't wait to show you the gowns.