Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here in Louisiana crawfish are a wonderful opportunity for family, friends, and food--our favorite things for keeping tradition alive.  Our favorite way to eat crawfish is boiled, but we also enjoy them fried, in an ettouffe gravy, in crawfish Couvillion, and in poboys.  Yes, we love our crawfish!

I'm posting about crawfish because I've had the pleasure of enjoying boiled crawfish two nights in a row.  What a weekend!  Last night we had a wonderful time with some friends from work.  Laughing, telling stories and boiling crawfish.
Tonight Rich and I had the kids over for......yea, crawfish!  We definitely taught our children the importance of Cajun traditions because our sons can boil a sack of crawfish!  Really, they were perfect!  Exactly enough seasoning with corn, potatoes, mushrooms and onions as sides.
What a fabulous weekend..... and there's still another day left!

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