Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small, bright, modern

The title pretty much describes my two newest quilts. The first is "Round Pegs, Square Holes" and is very colorful.  I finished it yesterday (binding and label).  
 The second one is another in the Nursery Rhymes series, "A Pocketful of Posies."  I imagine the purple squares as pockets and, of course, the flowers are posies.  I think this is number five of the series.     
The squares are deep purple and the flowers are different shades of yellow.  I quilted it with a feather motif, then stippled around the flowers up to the feathers with a small stipple.  Well, as small as I am able to stipple.  

I did a little thread painting with a yellow thread mostly to make sure the raw-edge applique will hold.  The iron-on adhesive is really thick but I don't trust it.  I trust stitches. I really don't like it because it makes the applique very stiff but I'm having some problems finding the brand I like.

What do you think?  Aren't they modern?  Do you like to make modern quilts?  How do you define modern quilts versus traditional quilts?


soscrappy said...

Two great quilt! I especially love the rainbow Square Pegs Round Holes. The polka dots make it extra fun.

Carla said...

Your round pegs square holes is very cute. It will be loved : )