Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Week Away

and finally we're home!  Naturally, we've spent the day resting.  First we were off to Beta Convention where we had 9th through 12th grade students intent on competing for awards and a state office.  Although we didn't take home either, we had great fun and ran a good race for 
Beta president.  I'm proud of all the Bunkie High Betas for their hard work, great behavior, and beautiful spirit.  They ran a campaign, worked the Service Project room, and monitored Game Zone.  Our chaperons were just as wonderful and I'd like to offer a special thanks to Mrs. Rolanda, Ms. Serrata, and my darling hubby, Richard.  Of course, we also had a few teachers, Mrs. Melinda drove her bus, Mr. Borrel was in charge of the boys, and Ms. Star came in just in time for the campaign speech and skit.
During the time we were away, our son Adam cared for the puppies and in the three days they grew like weeds.  Tonight everyone got a nice warm bath and then posed for a family portrait.    The babies are now walking and crawling all over each other.  I imagine in another few days they will be getting into big trouble, just as puppies should be.

When we got back from Beta, we cleaned up a bit then rolled out again.  This time we headed to Ruston to attend a follow-up meeting for the La. GEAR UP Professional Development from last summer.  I wrote about our week in Ruston in several posts last July.  One of my favorite is this one.  Here's hoping you had a good week also and got lots of rest today.
Happy Quilting,

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Linda in Calif. said...

Ahhh... those puppies are so adorable. I can just imagine them playing and rough housing with each other. Have fun in Ruston. (Oh and thanks for following me! I'm following you too)