Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whoo Hoo!

I'm a member of Ricky Tims' Whoo Hoo Nation.  Thanks to three days in New Orleans at the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar with Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman!   What an event.  I expected to enjoy myself, I expected to learn, I even expected to see some beautiful quilts.  What surprised me is the amount of laughing I did.  Every word spoken on the stage is hilarious.  Really!  It's hard to believe that one can laugh so much while discussing quilting, but it's certainly possible to laugh till your sides hurt while these three are talking about their quilt lives.

So what did we learn in three days?  Caveman quilting, convergence quilting, what judges look for, how to rip fabric, how to use your machine feet more effectively and so, so much more.  Ricky discussed several of his techniques, Alex taught hand quilting and discussed her many ventures into The Quilt Show and The Quilt Life, and Libby brought us into her home and studio and convinced me that I have the best of machines with my Bernina.  (I bought three more feet!)

Of course, there were many, many opportunities to meet other quilters and talk about quilting, but the seminars overloaded our brains!

Since it's impossible to show all the photos or write about the lessons in one entry without short-circuiting my brain, I'll save some for the next few posts.  The photos on this post are all of Ricky Tims' quilts.  The artists gave us permission to photograph all we wanted, and while I did not take photos of the artists themselves, I got plenty of the quilts.  

Expect the   next few posts to be about this one subject.  I have almost as much to say about the experience as I have photos!

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jenclair said...

Wow! I can't wait to hear about what all you learned in more detail, Mary! What a great and informative seminar this must have been.

I'm going to try subscribing to your email--nothing I do makes you show up on my Google reader anymore. I don't know what happened, but after it quit showing up, I've tried multiple times with no success. Wonder if this is true of others...