Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Delftware

Delftware, according to several internet sources, is a blue and white earthenware pottery originating in Delft, Holand. Although I have seen it in antique shops, I was not aware that it includes so more than dishes.  In my search to define Delftware, I found a variety of items made in this style: Christmas ornaments, kitchen and bath tiles, decorative items, wedding gifts, children's piggy banks and handpainted items.  If you like Delftware items, you can find a huge selection online.  All of the items on this post can be found at Nelis' Dutch Village of Holland, Michigan.  This company imports the items directly from The Netherlands and carries a huge variety of Delftware, Dutch foods and coffees, souvenirs, and cuckoo clocks.

Kids Korner

Royal Delft Miniature Duck Figurine

Of course, all of this blue and white could inspire one to make a few blue and white quilts. In case you're the one, here are a few quilts to enjoy.  If you have one in mind already maybe these will help you envision how spectacular it will be when finished. 

Blue & White quilts will never go out of style! They always look fresh, clean and inviting! Always love blue and white!

Blue Breeze: FREE Classic Blue and White Quilt Lap Quilt Pattern.  I'll add more blocks and make it larger.  Love a blue/white quilt.

Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Challenge Day 29

I love this quilt so much it makes me want to start quilting- something I've always considered to be a crazy hobby.

Magnificent!!  Perhaps one day I will be skilled enough to make a quilt like this.

Vintage Hand Quilted Blue and White Quilt by GoldenDaffodils

blue and white quilts  trip around stars

Blue and white quilt- I like this pattern in every color combo I have seen

Stuffed quilt, from Storage at DAR Museum, taken by

Blue and White

Beautiful blue and white quilt

DIY Headboard : DIY Upholstered Headboard

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Kaja said...

We visited Delft when I was about 7 and I still have a tiny tile I bought. L LOVE the idea of Christmas tree ornaments in the style.