Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: THREAD

Do you have a tread addiction?  You know it!  Come on, admit it.  We all do.  I can't tell you how many spools and cones of thread I have--mostly because I don't know!  I have a wall of thread, a shelf of thread and two (yes, 2) nice little organizers....all filled to bursting!
get organized!  here's how to make a thread rack to hold all your spools - - Sugar Bee Crafts: Thread Rack - tutorial

Long Arm thread storage

Craft room thread storage...easy to see and find your threads - hand on inside of cabinet

sewing room storage systems | Here's another major purchase from a store closing. Great deal but so ...

sewing thread: reminds me i have to organise mine

Pegs for yarn bobbins

Linen yarn thread ~ namolio


Repeat Crafter Me: Yarn Cake with a Crochet Candle

(purchase yarn)

And now for some gorgeous projects.  Love the little pincushions here, then check out the detail on the quilts.  Some (though not all) are photographs printed on fabric then quilted and thread painted.  Amazing work!

Crocheted lavender sachets... what a great way to play with colours...

Cinde Hoppe

Sewing Art

I am in love with this quilted art by Kate Themel...and, of course, it's not for sale!

Thread painted beauty -  amazing. You have to look closely to see the work.

A 5" x 7" thread painting based on a photograph taken by my friend, Edgar Woodfin of a North Carolina river near Tuxedo, North Carolina. The background is painted Habutai silk and the thread painting is done in rayon threads using a straight stitch.  It is matted and framed. By Jo Raines

Ulla's Quilt World: Quilted tree wall hanging - she knows how to paint with thread.  Look how she did the rocks.

"Starling of Botswana" 21.75"w x 33.5"h  Another interesting bird from Botswana is also thread painted and free-motion quilted by Barbara McKie fibre

"Splash" by Annemieke Mein.

satsumastreet:  Hand quilting and sashiko, detail from the Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2011

look at all the fibers couched on over the piecework on the bottom part of this...would be great to add beads and button too.

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