Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bipolar 1: Creative {an art quilt series} finished!

I wasn't going to post anything from my phone, but this finish from early last week, before the computer kisses floor incident, was close to completion. Plus I do like posting finishes, so here we are.

As part of my bipolar disorder series, this art quilt is very out of order-- I wrote about #3 here then about #2 here. That's because I hand-quilted it, and I'm not very good at finding time for hand quilting.

 The idea behind the series is that I'd explore ways to cope with bipolar disorder, both for my own journey and also as a way of sharing information with others who suffer from the disease.

I'm not sure how I can achieve that second goal, but I figure I'd need to have the works first. I also figure that the works would have to include at least two big ideas. One big idea would have to impart the lifestyle changes that improve one's chances of recovery. The other big idea is to show how bipolar depression affects patients.

To that end I've been researching both types of bipolar depression. While I am studying the symptoms of both depression and mania, my main focus is on sharing recovery strategies.

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Preeti said...

This is an interesting art quilt - so much to see in a little quilt. I love the textures and the shapes. I am sure there is a story in there or we can interpret the way we want. I'd suggest you also link this finish to the Bloggers Quilt Festival. It started today at Amy's Creative Side.

Karen S said...

Great to see what your creative brain comes up with and to also link your thoughts and ideas.Good luck with your endeavours.

Kaja said...

With these quilts as a starting point and your way with words, I bet you come up with a way to share your ideas.