Saturday, September 1, 2018

House cleaning on Pinterest

Richard likes to watch television at night. I can't sleep with the flashing lights and the sound, so last night I decided to pin a few ideas for a friend. She's been thinking of painting a few wooden, farmhouse style signs. Well, Pinterest is not lacking in ideas for that idea! I had 41 pins in very little time.

I started with signs, pinned a few quilts as they popped up, then started editing boards. I've been thinking of renaming boards just to make them a bit more interesting and informative. Why not start at 11 p.m. while your husband is watching yet another episode of Live PD

The changes are subtle. I'm removing the commas, adding more words that define the board and labeling all quilting boards with the word quilt in front so they will show up together in alpha order. 

And that's been a few hours of my life. I probably have two more to go, then my boards will be consistent and more user-friendly. If you visit any of my boards, let me know what you think. Either leave a comment here or message me on Pinterest. Have a great weekend!

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