Saturday, January 1, 2011

Etsy Feedback

I started gathering receipts, statements, invoices and so on to prepare to take to our bookkeeper in a few weeks.  As I was doing so, I ran across the feedback I've gotten since opening my Etsy shop in June.  I've been relatively lucky in that I've had opportunity to make items on commission and I had an international sale (see my post on 11/15/10).  I thought that you'd be interested in some of the feedback I've gotten.  There are a few more positive ones (no negatives, :-) but you get the idea.   Here are three notes I received as feedback in my Etsy shop from the last few months:

Handmade Quilted Garment Bag, 20 x 54 x 3

"I've looked for this style bag everywhere and had no luck. I'm glad now that I didn't find it until seeing Mary's work. It's a gorgeous fabric combination with great attention to detail and skillful sewing. Time for a ROAD TRIP!! Thanks, Mary!"
                                from bat2 
RESERVED FOR Marilyn -- Personally Me mini-wallet

What a cute set Mary designed for me! Everything is so well made and professional looking that I will be proud to give this as a little thank-you gift to a friend who did a favor for me. Keep the great products coming, Mary!
                              from Marilyn

CRAFTER'S TOOLBELT  (custom order)
Mary really delivered on this one! I explained to her in a phone call an idea I had in mind for this tool belt. She understood my craziness and designed a crafter's tool belt that is super-reinforced and has a place for everything. And--as an added bonus--she had it designed and made in less than a week! TOTALLY AWESOME...
                               from mdoucet

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