Monday, January 31, 2011

Louisiana Log Cabin


This quilt is one I made several years ago after a visit to Natchitoches, La.  Our youngest son was a student at Northwestern State University and working at a handmade furniture store.  We toured the furniture business where a unique bed, called the Louisiana Bayou Bed, was made and sold worldwide.  Rory showed us the equipment used to turn the posts and explained how each piece was made so that the wood grain matches perfectly.

Walking through the furniture shop, I kept thinking about the kind of quilt that would be a fitting representation of the artist's work.  When we returned home, I set to work with some browns and greens.  I wanted to used the colors that are easily found in the bayous of our great state.  The center, or hearth, of the block is a red fabric that has a strange weed motif.  Certainly, there are some odd weeds growing along the bayou banks in our area, so it seem fitting for this quilt.

Eventually Rory finished school and married.  I wanted to give them a quilt for their wedding and asked Meggan, his fiance, to choose from those that were already finished.  She was immediately drawn to this one. How fitting, I thought, that she would appreciate the quilt that was a result of his work.  Not long after they were married, Rory made a bed for their new home and Meggan gladly put the quilt on display on their bed.  She decorated using the red from the quilt.  The result is a warm, beautiful master bedroom that is a perfect combination of his work, her tastes, and their new life.

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