Monday, January 31, 2011

Travelogue or memoir? You decide.

Three Weeks with My Brother
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My current read is becoming one of my favorites.  I'm a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and have read most of his books.  My first was The Notebook and most recent was The Last Song.  In fact, looking at his official website, I think I've read them all.  Certainly I have them all in the library.  Most are books that I purchased, read, then donated.  Can't have a high school library without some of the current bestsellers sitting on the shelves!   If you haven't picked up a book by Sparks, you need to give him a read.  If you have even a piece of a heart thumping in your chest, you'll find yourself tearing up at least once.

As for Three Weeks, I'm about half way through.  Though I normally devour books, I've decided to savor this one just a little and am forcing myself to read it slowly.  The travelogue portion of each chapter is fascinating but I am especially enjoying the personal stories.   It's interesting to learn about a favorite author.

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