Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Immaculate Conception Eve

Raced home from work, finished up the "carpe diem" pillow that I started yesterday for a customer, then shot off to mass for tomorrow's Holy Day of Obligation and for the soul of my poor momma.  We have three masses this week for her, but I am able to make just the one here.  

The pillow came out very nice.  While stitching it up, I had the idea to make one with a single letter for my Secret Santa gift.  When we fill out the little form, we're supposed to give the person who pulls the name some ideas for Christmas gifts.  I didn't get so lucky: the slip I got had two hints: chocolate and diet coke.  Not a lot of info there!  I sure hope she likes pillows.  I've decided to make a fancy letter in a pretty, curvy calligraphic way.  I sneaked into her office and looked around.  The office is filled with classical, formal decor, so I'll assume that's her style.  I teach her son, so I can probe for colors.  Since this pillow didn't take very long, I can get one made this weekend......just in time for our Christmas party this week.  This photo is of the pillow I whipped up last night and today.  I'll ship it in the morning.

Not that it's so easy to see, but the blue fabric is covered in small yellow, gold, and brown clocks, globes, and  timepieces.  I love it.....seize the day while resting on time.  Yeah, it's either nerdy or corny, I just can't decide which one!

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