Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Or Blue Monday

What a great week I'm expecting.  I got into the studio and finished up some mending I'd promised.  My goal is to finish all the little jobs I've promised so that when I get home on Friday to begin the Christmas holidays, I'll be able to work on some quilts!  So far, Catherine's little flower girl dress is resized and ready to return.  I made a throw pillow for my Secret Santa gift--a beauty in cream-colored silk dupioni with the family initial appliqued in a milk chocolatey brown.  And finally, I've started on Marley's little zebra print onesie that I promised before Christmas.  Otherwise, all is quiet except for the hum of my little Bernina 440.

And now, on Tuesday, I've finished Dusti's zebra print/hot pink scarf (with pockets).  Marley's onesie just needs a hem, but I need Marley in it first.  I have no idea what length she needs, so I cut it long knowing that I'll likely have to cut it down some.  It shouldn't take long tomorrow to finish that up, then I'll have to spend some big time on cleaning and putting things away.  What a mess I have!  I can't handle the clutter, so that's on the top of the To Do List!

Richard ordered a new belt for the Innova long arm, and I was hoping that it would be in so that I could sew during the holidays, but that was wishful thinking.  It's backordered and will take weeks to come in.  So, I'll have to be content with sewing tops and working on the stained glass quilt that I promised to QuiltCampus for a class.  I can quilt that on the Bernina, thank goodness.

Happy Holidays to everyone.  May you have a blessed and cheerful Christmas!

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