Saturday, February 21, 2015


We had some excitement in our little town a few days ago.  It's not often (thank God) that the Volunteer Fire Departments from three or four towns pull into a driveway right across the road. 

The fire caused some damage in the fields across the road from our home, and the fire trucks caused additional damage as they drove through the mud and grass cutting ruts.  If these ruts are not fixed, the erosion will eventually create bogs.  All of that, however, is not a concern for our family.  We have tractors and the pasture can survive till the summer when it will be easier and drier for such chores.

This scene, though, is cause for more immediate concern.  What looks like a small pickup was actually a large four-wheel drive. The young driver and his family were able to get out safely but it was quite upsetting to consider how horrible the outcome could have been.

They were legally on the land and were not mud-riding.  Thinking they were on hard ground, but unable to see through the thick grass, they slid into a boggy area.  A few adjustments put the truck in 4WD but the bog was slick and the tires just dug deeper into the mud.  A spark from the muffler set the tinder-dry grass on fire and spread before they realized it. Although they tried to put the grass fire out, they quickly lost the fight and left the vehicle.  

In our house across the field and road, we heard the blast when the gas tank blew and almost immediately saw the firetrucks arrive. There was nothing to be done for the truck, but the men were able to put out the grass fire and prevent it from spreading.

The damage is amazing.  I could not believe the condition of the truck, although I saw the fire and smoke from a distance.  

Nothing is left except the metal. Every bit of cloth, plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, and so on is gone.  

The dark blue paint is now a white ash that flutters off in the wind.

The large tires are now rims with bits of wire encircling them.

This is the motor.  The motor!

Although the family is upset over the loss of a new vehicle, they are grateful and blessed.  And they know it.  The adults and children who were in the truck were able to get out and to safety before the gas tank blew.  Of course, it was upsetting and frightening, but they are safe and that is all that matters.

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