Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Modern--Louisiana Traveling Quilt Update

My Louisiana Traveling Quilt Bee quilt arrived last week, and it is STUNNING!  I absolutely love it.

It's perfect.  These colors grew out of someone else's idea because I started with gray and grey.  This block on the right is my original idea.  I did add some white and beige, which gave everyone else lots of room to wiggle into a color they liked more.

Obviously, yellow and teal are the perfect compliments.   

Toss in a little lime green for fun and we have a beautiful quilt. 

I loaded it on the long-arm and began quilting last weekend.  

Tonight it's completely quilted and is now waiting for the binding. I'll audition some fabrics tomorrow and, if all goes well, this one will be finished and photographed by tomorrow night.  However, the weather does not look as though it's going to cooperate.  

No matter about the weather, I am loving this quilt more and more! 


Karen S said...

This looks like a fun way to grow a quilt!

Marty Mason said...

Your quilting is the perfect finish to your perfectly stunning Louisiana Traveling Quilt. So much fun being in the group.