Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S N O W

These beautiful snowflakes are made from simple strips of copier paper.  The blog has great photos for making them!  We will be trying this soon!I know it's wishful thinking, but there's a small chance of ice and snow waaay down here in the deep south.  That would, of course, mean no school because we have no way to get children to school on such days.  Buses are much too dangerous, especially on bridges since our drivers are not trained nor are our buses equipped.  Most of them do not even have heaters.  

With this on my mind, I thought it would be fun to have some ice and snow somewhere, so why not in a post?  

wondererNow don't fall for the pictures.  What we call a snow day is really just a dusting of the white stuff.  Sometimes it melts as soon as it touches the ground.  If the temperatures get into the high 20's it will stay for a while, but even that is only a half day.  More often we have what we call an ice storm.  That's really just rain or sleet that freezes.  If the sun comes out, everything melts even if the temps are low.  The worst ice storm that I remember lasted about four or five days.  I can't imagine ice or snow for longer than a week.  

Dollar store snowflake ornaments against vintage paper. So pretty for January when the rest of the Christmas decorations come down.I did spend a week in Canada once and there was snow hip deep.  It was during our Easter break; several teachers took some of the French students to Quebec where our French teacher originated. 

The teens had never seen snow, so I took them to a park on the first night and let them play and run around while the other adults showered.  We had great fun trying to walk in the snow--and losing then finding our shoes. After these two memories, I'm tapped for extended ice and snow.

A cute, paper project to hang on a door or china cabinet. Tutorial. This is such a beautiful blog; check it out for more DIY projects!

Reminds me of my grandparent's when i was a child  Bridge to tranquility • photo: Richard Nowitz on Allposters

3-D Paper Snowflakes @A Path of Paper: I totally lifted my Snowflake Ornament from Becca Feeken and you can find her Tutorial HERE. I didn't use a ribbon spool like she did, I just used 2 circles from CS with the ribbon in between, I have a photo below to show that.

NO SEW Snowflake Button Pillow... very detailed instructions.

I love the few days a year when I wake up to a winter wonderland like this!

♕ beautiful photos of real snowflakes captured using macro lens by Russian photographer Andrey Osokin

just beautiful  would love to be sitting on that bench

Beautiful photos of real snowflakes captured using macro lens by Russian photographer Andrey Osokin.


If we get snow and ice at all, it will be interesting, but it won't last long and chances are that we will have only a day off from school. But I'll take that, and I have no doubt that the kids will also.  If we do, I'm going to enjoy the day in my studio.  Hopefully, we'll have electricity and I'll get to sew!

Quilted Pot Holder Pattern Christmas | Log cabin quilt pattern. - Crafts - Free Craft Patterns - Craft

Challenge quilt for our Tour Michigan quilt show coming up.

art quilt by Nicole Dunn.   I love black and white photos. This quilt is gorgeous.

"The Ravens of Angels Crest" by  Thom Atkins - Saw this today and it is stunning!

Woolie Mammoth...I just love this with the snow scenes, snowmen, holly leaves, vine, stars, adorable trees, and wintery "sayings".

Homemade Triangle Baby Quilt / Toddler Quilt by MelissaHevey, $180.00

Jeanine Malaney  'winter quiet'( i would add white glitter to the snow and a few small colored swarofski cyrstals and blue and purple and green-glitter on the water

Home Before Dark by Linda Beach - 51 x 39 inches  Machine pieced, free-motion machine quilted

Quilt by my friend Pat...first applique project!

Winter Snow Quilted Small Landscape Quilt by SoftXpressionsquilts, $60.00

AND SEW IT GOES: Small work  Like this pic - would make the snow and sky patchwork

Pink Snow by Vivian Kapusta

No doubt the quilter who stitched this fascinating pattern had a sunny seat by the window where she could watch all the neighborhood children playing in the snow. Notice how the Snowball theme is carried into the scalloped border, a clever finishing touch! Finished Quilt Size: 79" x 92". Block Size: 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Skill Level: Intermediate

!Insights From SewCalGal: Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative - Auction & Tutorial to make an Art Quilt

Would you call this a 4-patch variation or a 9-patch variation?

Midwinter Visitor by Chris Staver, Learn with Ellen, Adventure Quilter; See Craftsy class with Wendy Butler Berns

landscape quilts - look at this - amazing and inspiring.

Asymmetrical Diamond Quilt

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Kaja said...

We never got proper snow like the US, but just a few inches and everything grinds to a halt here too. I love the last quilt, and the cardinal one, and the one with circles, and the button pillow...