Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mail and mail and more

There have been some nice surprises coming my way of late.  

 Last semester I helped one of our dual-enrollment students.  Taking a freshman English, he was struggling to bring his grade up and since I'd taught him twice already, he decided to ask for help.  I was very happy to do so, especially since he came early in the semester and I know he's a hard-working student.  In the end, he brought the grade up to an A. 

 A very grateful young man brought this into my classroom last week as a way of saying thank you.  

I've been spending more of my precious computer time reading and responding to some of my favorite blogs.  One of those blogs, Silly Mama Quilts, was having a giveaway last week, which I happened to win.  The prize?  A nice little bag of scraps!  Yes, scraps!  All sorts of scrappy sweetness. 

 Poor Richard still doesn't get my excitement "over some scraps that most people would throw away."  Well, darling, you don't have to get it....I get it!  In fact, I get it enough for both of us.

There are so many bits and bobs and bix and boggles that I can't even tell you.  Just know that one little bag of oddments can really make a girl ecstatically happy.

But there's more!!! {fake TV announcer voice}  Ramona, our Louisiana Traveling Quilt guru and cheerleader, sent out a small package.  It came in the mail....but it was much bigger than I thought it would be since I expected a small square of quilt label to attach to the back of the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  My top hasn't made it home, yet, but it should arrive shortly, which means that I'll have a fun project to quilt and bind and label.  And the label is ready and waiting for the top.  

Don't you love all the little pretties?  I'm so loving the journal!  And who can't use a pretty pencil and a Sharpie in an odd color?  As for the lovely note...I can tell you that this one is extra special.  I think I'm going to enlarge the bird photo so that I can snag a few quilting motifs from her.  What, you wouldn't?  

Then the last of the good news: I was nominated or chosen or received by default the Teacher of the Month award for our school for the month of February.  It's the second time in my 25 year career.  (The first time was last May.)  Richard and I went to Marksville tonight so that I could receive the plaque in person.  

All in all, it's been fun to be recognized, acknowledged, awarded and thanked for all sorts of activities.  And, wait, fun activities! Now that's winning all around!


Karen S said...

Congratulations on the wonderful teaching award. I am delighted to see school boards making the the effort to recognise and value their staff.

Gosia @ Quilts My Way said...

Congratulations Mary !!! You won an awesome giveaway.