Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jen and Jan's Mini ~~ a little finish

Shot of the mini hanging in the
wisteria. The smell is wonderful
and I could not resist! 
or what I'll call a delayed finish. I joined a quilt along earlier this month or maybe back in February...whenever the two girls said, "Hey, wanna play?" I've had plenty of time, but you know, there are things like work getting in the way. So I procrastinated. For a long time. And suddenly there it was.  

I actually started earlier in the week so that I would not be frantic on Thursday or Friday. Lot of good that did me. Thurday I got home (as Marley said) "very later" than I was supposed to. So no sewing. On Friday I started with a migraine at school. An hour later my principal refused to let me drive home but insisted that I go. One phone call to Richard and I was on my way.  But again no sewing. I woke up much later and sent an email to Jan to let her know that she needed to pull me from the list. 

"Little Pink House"

Detail of the quilt hanging on the line
Oh, the guilt. I really have a problem with broken promises. After sleeping about 19 hours I felt much better and decided to get on the mini. And this is it. Not as pink as I hoped it would be--this color is too muddy--but I've already decided that it will have to do. While I was cutting out the pieces, I kept thinking of John Mellencamp's song, "Pink Houses," (1983)which can be patriotic or not, depending on your outlook. Here's the chorus in case you want to sing along. 

Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses for you and me, oh for you and me

Guess where the title of mini came from. Maybe the muddy pink is the right color after all. 

Jan and Jen had so many people join in the fun that they split the quilters into two days. Some posted yesterday and some today. I hope that you'll go see the sweet minis that were created.

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Julie said...

I'm glad I popped in to visit, and completely identify with life, migraines, and deadlines. I think your mini is delightful, and so are little pink houses. Sounds like you need some time to just rest up now.

Jen said...

So glad you are feeling better and were able to join us on the hop! It is a lovely little quilt.

Jayne said...

Things don't always go as planned! Little pink houses for you and me! Now that song is in my brain...but I love it! Congrats on the finish and late is better than not at all!

Lori said...

oh how sweet this is. yup I love the pink. hope your feeling better by now.

Karen S said...

I am so pleased you were still able to join in. great finish on your mini. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Mary Marcotte said...

I feel much better now and appreciate your blessings, everyone. I think sewing the little pink house helped!

JanineMarie said...

Thanks for the song, uh, earworm. That's going to be with me all night. At least it's a short night what with the time change and all. Just kidding. Your quilt's a great interpretation, and I'm glad you felt better and were able to make it so quickly.

Kaja said...

I like the muddy pink. I'm glad too, that you are feeling better now.

Emily said...

I lvoe the bird in your sky. Lovely house!

Sandra Walker said...

So glad you got to hop on in after all to the hop, as this is so cute! Funny because I nearly made a 'little pink house' too and that song was in my head when I was contemplating my fabric choices...we must be of about the same vintage! NOT good to have a migraine start at school; reminds me of when I'd have to get picked up by my husband at school because I was barfing my guts out again...pregnant days... Anyhow my daughter suffers with migraines, as did my mum, just AWFUL. No one knows what they are like unless they have experienced or lived with a person who gets them. Your quilt is just so sweet, and I love it amongst the wisteria.

FlashinScissors said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
What a cute pink house! I like the way you have quilted the windows and door, and love the bird in the sky!
Barbara x

Alice Samuel's Quilt Co said...

Hope you are feeling much better now? I love your pink house and it doesn't look muddy to me 😀. Well done

AmyScrapSpot said...

Your block is so cute!
Lets see.. I love your mini mini, the bird in the sky is adorable, your pink house and swirly sky look awesome and that super sweet flower grass is just perfect! =)