Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pin It Weekly #195

A Jeanneke Quilts + Scrappy House Quilts has an interesting board of scrappy houses and a few other quilts that I just love. Funny how a modern quilter can love traditional quilts so much. Do you find that you're one style and love another? 


This was one of those happy accidents that spring up from time to time. I had been feeling pretty quilted out, so I definitely hadn't been considering making yet another quilt for Dylan's birthday this year.   I was actually going to make a Liberty fabric wallet (maybe not the most suitable weight, but we wanted to give it a try), but matters were complicated by the Canada Post strike, which prevented me from being able to order the fabric I needed online.   Eventually, I got to thinking abo...:

Yahoo Groups:

Yahoo Groups:

Lace Traveler's "beautiful things in lace" board makes my heart cry for the beauty.
RESERVED for SHERI.. Vintage Kitty.. vintage crochet.. romantic full circle…: .:

Maria Niforos - Fine Antique Lace, Linens & Textiles : Antique Lace:

And she has 2,500 pins!
~lace bag ~shabby chic:

 Maria da  Luz  Gonçalves is another new follower who has many boards and  many, many pins. These pins are from her "SHARE your Mixed Media/ Art/Tips/Supplies/Ideas board which has over 10,000 pins. Go check her site out!

"Mia" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Kimberly Santini The technique in this painting inspires me. Look closely at the eyes and see how many colors are there!: Love the colours and textures here. I once created something like that for my art & design A-level...I wish I could have kept that piece.:

Shirley Vauvelle driftwood art: 2 Likes, 1 Comments - Lianne Williams | Artist |  (@liannewilliamsart) on Instagram: “Day 7 of #marchmeetthemaker 'How it's made'. So this is a brief overview of how my portraits get…”:

Botanical print, Tree wall art print, Botanical art, Botanical illustration, Botanical poster, Nursery wall art, Printable women gift:

And that's this week's Pin It Weekly! Hope you're inspired to visit a few followers and pin a few pins. Oh, do leave a note telling us what you're pinning this week! We're waiting...



jenclair said...

I've already clicked on the mixed media links and will read them in a minute! Of course, I anything that can inspire mail art, but I'm in love with the boat and fish piece!

Kaja said...

I like all styles of quilt, even though I know I'll never make anything traditional.