Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring? Summer? Winter? WHAT?

These amaryllis are standing in
a camelia shrub, so I have to
untangle them from the limbs.
We have the zaniest weather. Earlier in the week I needed a coat while on school duty. The wind was cold, the air damp, and the temps just above freezing.  

This little guy was trying to decide on a color for his coat.
Slowly we warmed up to a point of wearing pants and long sleeves, not unusual around St. Patty's.

more amaryllis

 The azalea bloomed back before the crazy
weather turned cold again. But I can't leave them out.

Lady Banks rose...barely blooming
but growing in other ways.

Today? Hot. You know, spelled out, H-O-T, hot. The air conditioner is running, and I need a fan in the studio. Bees are buzzing in the wisteria: I know this because one chased me. I saw the first Eastern Bluebird in the bird house. Richard and Adam planted the garden. Neighbors are catching fish in their pond. There are flowers in bloom all over the yard. Check it out.

Wisteria have way more blooms now.
You can smell them anywhere in the back yard.
Pyracantha, which are huge shrubs now

The last of the spirea flowers

The swamp on one side of the house. A favorite view while walking.

The back yard (taken from the front yard) 
One of my favorite places in the yard. I love the trees and the shade.
Oh, and the quiet.

The driveway and side yard. Yes, Richard has already cut the grass.

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Karen S said...

I think we are all having strange upside down weather. It makes it very hard to plan ahead. Love seeing all the views of your yard and garden.