Friday, March 3, 2017

Scraps into Buckets...double-dipped finishes

I didn't have as much time this week for sewing as I had hoped, but on Wednesday I played hookey from school, which helped very much. Last week I started work on a new project using the blue scraps and left over scraps from other projects. 

I really should not post these but they are so cute, and I'm desperate for something to write about. Aww, it'll be okay. 

But, I can't tell you anything about what they are for, of course.  I thought you might enjoy the eye candy though. I guess it's okay to call these eye candy...I plan to use the smallest one to hold candy so there's that. 

 There are many. Lots. A whole lot. Seven right now. But I still have some of the quilted fabric. So guess what? Yes indeed. There will be more. We'll see how many. And what sizes. 

The thing is I've been double-dipping, of sorts. First I sewed the scraps together, then I quilted it, then I turned the quilted fabric into baskets. Second, one of the "patterns" that I'm using requires that I cut the corners off the fabric. Those corners, it turns out, can be sewn together. And if sewn together correctly, five of them will make a small basket.

But wait! There's more! (Sounds like an "As Seen On TV" ad, doesn't it?) 
 Two of the corners make the bottom of a long basket. So I'm using scraps to make scrap baskets; then I'm using the scraps from the baskets to make more baskets. 

How cool is it that by the time I'm done, I'll have created and used every scrap of the fabric I made from scraps? 

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Kaja said...

You are so resourceful, Mary. And productive!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I agree, Kaja, I think I might have been able to live in "the olden days" (a very Southern phrase) and use every bit of everything. (You should see me get the last bit out of a bottle or jar.) lol No doubt, my family would have had plenty of quilts in winter. Now that I think about it, we would all have been using tiny bits of scraps and making quilts.

Karen S said...

Sounds like you are in scrap heaven. They do look lovely!

Quilts and Such said...

These are fantastic! You can always use more baskets to put things in! I hang some in a row on a small curtain rod. What a wonderful finish!

Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine said...

Super cute, I love the quilting!