Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pin It Weekly # 232

Have you been pinning lately, or have you been fighting the flu virus? It's been the latter for the Marcotte group. Everyone, except Richard and me, has had the flu. They just keep spreading it around to each other. While I didn't get the flu, I got flu duty. All of the kids--no matter what age they are--were laid up for three full days. 

Image result for fluIn fact, I was really concerned about Lane. I didn't see him move. Bathroom, no.
Water, no. Sprite, no. Gatorade, no.
Medicine, no.
Whining, no.

I'll assume that he did some of that. Maybe he did all of it. I just didn't see him move. I'd go look in on him, and he may have changed position, but it was barely perceptible. It's unnerving to watch your grandson for signs of life. 

So pinning was not on the priority list, let alone at the top. But I have some improv quilts that I haven't shown you from my "heart, quilts" board. Here you are....


front of quilt made for my friend Julie. Hand pieced and hand quilted using embroidery threads. by caradragonlady, via FlickrFor quilting, quilt fabrics, kits, patterns, notions, classes, workshops and retreats--plus sewing, yarn and knitting supplies. What's new and interesting at the Stitchin' Post quilt shop in Sisters, Oregon with Jean and Valori Wells. More at

gees bend_square_bullseye quilt is imperfect perfection. Colorful and beautiful.

Gees Bend quilts usually don't "speak to me" to tell the truth. But this one does.

Just Sew by Margaret Glendening | The Plaid Porticokoyoko watanabe


Blocks from the Crayon Box by Carolyn Griffith. Abilene, Texas.

And there are my pins from 

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Karen S said...

It is very kind of your family to share everything so generously.
But I will be serious and say I hope they get better quickly and that you don't get it!