Thursday, February 1, 2018

More cleaning {scour and scrub 2}

I did a little cleaning when Richard made my new shelving unit, but why stop there? For some unknown reason, there is a table in the studio that I don't need. You know what it probably guessed it: a dumping place for all the stuff that we don't need but it's too good to toss out. 

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Most of that belonged to other people, some had come home with me when I retired, and some needed to go back to Walmart. We worked on that table early last week because it meant not really dealing with my studio stuff. The good news about some of it: I returned several items to Walmart and found $53. 

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Eventually, though, I had to get over my emotional self and look at the real problem: I have too much sewing/quilting stuff. I'm working on getting some of that stuff and the emotions under control, and I've made some difficult decisions. 
  • New items that I don't need can go to my guild as door prizes
  • Fabric that is not 100% quilting cotton will be sold 
  • Fabric I can't sell will go to Salvation Army (someone else can wash and use it in charity quilts)
  • Fabric that is not good will go into the trash (okay, don't judge--it is fabric)
  • Fabric that I don't like (but is quilt quality) can go into a backing stash or be sold
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Notions are a big problem. I used to make garments, so I have buttons, zippers, lace, etc. Plus, I've tried almost every craft at some point: needlework, beading, sculpting clay, silk flower arranging, and goodness knows what other crafts. I'll try to get into that area of the stash closet once I've moved a few boxes of fabric.

I have no idea how this crazy happened but it probably began many, many years ago when I could barely afford anything for sewing. And it continued for many, many years while I worked and could afford almost anything I wanted. I was very good at bringing in fabric under the guise of other shopping. Do you have ways to sneak fabric in?

pegboard of thread in my studio
Then there were "the Garan gifts." Richard worked at a garment manufacturing plant for 25 years. Garan is the parent company that creates Garanimals clothing for children. There was a plant in Marksville, where he was head mechanic/maintenance supervisor. 

He is such a sweet husband: he'd bring scraps home and my mom and grandmother would make quilts from them. Then the factory closed. Rather than incur the costs of shipping items overseas, the company sold thread, huge pieces of fabric, and other items. Anything that was left was to be thrown in the trash. And so I got quite a few Garan gifts, especially thread, fabric, and elastic. And buttons, hook and eye fasteners, and snaps. And fabric. And thread.

It's time to edit and let some of it go. I hate doing that because it seems as soon as I do, I find a need for some of the things I tossed. Friends tell me I'm silly but it's true, don't you think?


Karen S said...

I have had a few clean outs at different times when we have moved house. I made sure that I bundled up everything that was out of date and unlikely to be used. The last move was 10 years ago and i have not missed one thing that went out.
Since then I have had a good sort through every couple of years and done the same. Our tastes and interest change and you do know deep down what you will and won't use.
I know you mentioned throwing some fabric in the trash. Do any of the charity shops collect that type of donation for cleaning rags. We have several groups that sell rags to companies for cleaning cloths.
One thing I did not toss was notions. They seam to come in handy all the time.
Yes, it's a big job but it sure is worth it when done.
Good luck!

Kaja said...

I quite enjoy a good clear out, and don't often miss something once it's gone. A couple of times I gave fabric and buttons, and some wool, to my kids school - that went down really well. And now we can put all fabric scraps out with our recycling and they take it away and reuse it, so I don't feel at all bad about just chucking it.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

You're right, Kaja and Karen, I need to clear out a few of the things I don't or won't use. I think it's my mindset or maybe it's just cleaning. (I'm not a fan.) I did get through some this week. But it's time to settle down and apply a better process.
I'm easily distracted, so you can imagine what I did when I found (again) my mom's old buttons. An hour later Richard came in and found me sorting through and petting them. Oops!