Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pin It Weekly #235

Jade ProsserI'm terribly sorry that I didn't post a Sunday Quilt Inspiration this week. I just wasn't feeling it, as my students used to say. Tell a teacher that about an essay!

Anyway, I owe ya an SQI, but Wednesday is when I generally post a PIW (Pin It Weekly) and since I've not been feeling too Pinteresty, I thought it might be time to highlight a few ideas from others. 

Let's start with Kim Hyatt, who must love some of my quilt pins, because she's the first follower to show up on my analytics. Please don't ask how I found the page, I clicked around and lots of clicks later, I discovered who is repinning from my boards! Anyhoo, here are a couple of other things Kim is pinning....


She has a board about sisters! I have seven sisters (true story, no brothers), so when I saw this board, I had to see what she's got going!

Quotes About Non Biological Family. QuotesGram

best friend sister quotes (1) » Quotes Orb - A Planet of Quotes
This is going on my sisters FB page. Today. First I'll finish this post. Uhm, can you believe that she has a board on roosters? Here's proof...
Antiqued ceramic roosterFitz and Floyd "Ricamo®" Rooster Figurine.   ❤ ❤ ❤

Tarah Luke is on that list, also. A quick review of her boards, and I found one on bears with almost 2,000 pins. That's a lot of bears, y'all!
Bear in The Woods!Mother and Her Two Cubs!

Mother's love....

How cute can you get? That cute. And from bears to burlap... because sure.
Black Burlap TopiaryBurlap Coffee Canister | Click Pic for 20 DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces | Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

French Printed Burlap | French: I Want To Be With You Forever My Love. 8x10 print (Burlap ...

Last up is Lorraine Pierre. She has a board on pottery, clay and ceramics. Here are a few pins from that board.

Hand Thrown & Decorated Bowl / Lucinda Chips via Etsy

Stoney Matte Gold Luster Bowl 1 by olialamar1

Out of clay!

I know, right? It's supposed to be clay. If so, it's pretty amazing!
Later, gator.

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