Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Ladders

I know I'm stretching this a bit, but I love old ladders for storing or hanging quilts. So today I'm hoping to inspire you with some beautiful quilts on a few ladders.

I spent time arranging my oldest quilts on my ladder yesterday. Our foyer is two stories tall and has the stairway in it. I was able to tilt the ten foot ladder towards the first landing to place t…

Decorating With Quilts: I love this idea! I have an antique small ladder I used to put towels on in guest bathroom. I have a beautiful quilt rack my father-in-law made for us, but this is another option on a small bedroom wall. Read More at:

Simple design, basic power tools, and a few boards help you make this great quilt rack. You can hang as many as four quilts on the rungs of this graceful rack. The design of this ladder-style quilt r...Displaying quilts on old wooden ladders. Wide rail.. better for old quilts.

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Swinging-Arm Quilt RackA quilt ladder that hubby built for me has some festive quilts on it. #24daysofchristmasfromourhousetoyours2016  check out @yellowfarmhouse @myrty50 @sfeigner @basketnut1 @cfander8

I really like the idea in the picture above on  the right. The rungs swivel so that hanging the quilts is easy and each rung can be set so that all the quilts can be seen.

Great display idea ...found on yellowfarmhousetypepad

vintage store display ideas - Google Search

An Inspired, Bohemian Home in the California Desert | Design*SpongeElämää villa honkasalossa

Some ideas for ladders include 
  • old bunk bed, half of an old wooden step ladder
  • a wooden single-side ladder
  • turning a step ladder into a shelf by adding boards across the rungs
  • old aluminum ladders could also work and are easy to move around because they are light-weight
  • shutters with some of the slats removed would work well
  • vintage gates (both wood or metal)
  • using both sides of a step ladder to form a corner shelf 
  • hanging the ladder horizontally on the wall
  • baby bed rail (turned sideways)
  • library ladder (for homes with high ceilings)
Vintage ladders for sale on our etsy site and at Olde Time Treasures, Hagerstown, Md.   www.treasuresbybetsy.etsy.comI highly recommend that you attach the top of the ladder to the wall. If a child decides to climb, there is less worry that he/she will pitch backward. 

Another concern is that the rungs of old ladders and decorative ladders may not hold the weight of a child. Test your ladder and, if this is the case, consider hanging it horizontally or reinforcing the rungs. 

A carpenter or woodworker should be able to help you with either of these.

DANYA B 63 in. Espresso Finish 5-Tier Corner Ladder Display Bookshelf

For more ideas on storing quilts, see my Pinterest board, "stacked, quilts." Anything that works for holding books, home decor, and plants will also work to hold quilts--either folded or hung. And we all know how a handmade quilt can warm up a room.

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Anonymous said...

I think we still have an old aluminum ladder. I'm going to see how it looks in the spare bedroom with a bunch of quilts on it. That way when people come, they will feel like it's okay to add a quilt to the bed. Thanks for the idea!