Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Louisiana zine and more quilting

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Want a little more Louisiana? You can find it right here! This online mag "celebrates the culure, heritage, and cuisine of Louisiana."

I just happened across it while searching for a certain quilt show. I didn't find the show, but it may have something to do with not getting any farther than this interesting piece of online real estate. Anh, someone else is doing the legwork for the quilt show. I took a few minutes and liked what I found. There are over 1,600 recipes, events calendar, and cooking videos. If you have a few minutes, you should go.

Otherwise, I've been working on the latest tee-shirt quilt. Today I spent the morning making a backing. I wanted to include some of the shirts in the quilt but that would make it much too large and time consuming to quilt. Rather I sewed them into the backing, which took longer than I anticipated. 

That was mostly because I didn't look closely at the fabric on the bolt. Apparently I emptied the bolt and reused it. The fabric on it now is only 44" wide, not the 108" that I expected. Talk about a surprise!

I actually measured the amount needed and cut it before realizing there was a problem. That may be because the fabric on the bolt is a regular weight quilting cotton, not the lightweight muslin I thought.

Anyhoo, I got it all resolved and the backing looks pretty good. I loaded the quilt after lunch and began quilting. It's going relatively easily, so I'm happy. 

And my day ended with getting to some guild duties: sending out emails, setting an appointment, texting a member or two to check on their progress, that kind of stuff. It's the stuff that I really don't enjoy but have to get done. It does feel good to know that those chores are out of the way.

How is your day going? Were you able to get some quilting done or did you manage to get through some of the not-so-fun chores?


Karen S said...

A very busy day for you. No quilting for me but I did do some embroidery.

Kaja said...

Seems to be mostly chores for me this week, but it's nice to know other people are managing to get some stitching in.