Friday, March 23, 2018

News on the Home Front

Is that our daughter-in-law, Stacey, has a new job. She will become general manager of a restaurant not far from here. There's a caveat, however. Isn't there always? Stacey will have to attend a training which IS far from here, so she'll be gone for days at a time...for a few weeks. 

Since the other adults in their house are working adults, someone has been wrangled politely asked to take over babysitting services. Guess who that someone is? Why did I retire? Did I have big plans? Is it possible that the universe is conspiring? 

Now don't get me wrong. Milly is a doll...sweet and beautiful and good-natured. Perhaps having so many adults in her life means she's also a little spoiled. Regardless, when she makes "pretty eyes" it's impossible to walk away. So I've been enlisted. 

Learning the word no
Expect more baby posts and pictures for a while. If today was any indication of how things will go, I won't have any sewing to share. In ten hours of Milly I've accomplished a nap and a few pitiful little pincushions. 

Remember that I made a bunting for a friend earlier in the week? Well, cutting those triangles left me with lots of unused right triangles. They couldn't go in the bunting and there were so many that I decided to use them right away. 

Bunting and pincushions together

I sewed two pieces together along the angled cut, which gave me a rectangle. Then I cut those rectangles so I could mix up the different fabrics. I really love this soft, romantic collection. 

Actually I pulled the fabric from my stash. I could have pulled more pieces like these but felt that I needed to repeat some of the fabrics so the bunting would have a cohesive look. 

In the end I cut two pieces from most of the fabrics though not all. Regardless, my friend loved the pictures, so I'm calling the bunting a success, and that means the pincushions are also a success, right? 

 Back of pincusions

I also used some of the fabric to piece the backs of the pincushions. In the end I used almost all of the scraps to create these four.


Letabug260 said...

The Bunting is for my daughter's Tea Party Bridal is perfect and will mean so much to Julie....Mary...thanks so much and I love the little pin cushions you made from the scraps...might need one as a souvenir from the shower....LOVE it and LOVE YOU!!!!

Your Sister, Letabug

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Geez, you'd think the bunting would do! But okay, since you NEED a pincushion, I put one aside for you--it's the cute little shell-shaped one. Love you, Letabug and love that we've been friends for forever!