Monday, March 5, 2018

March Guild Meeting

Mrs. Marilyn showing her quilt top.
Each month she shows us how much she's added.
It's the first Monday of the month. That means a Cotton Quilters' Guild meeting. Which means a crazy morning of gathering up stuff, printing stuff, making and organizing a plan, wrapping door prizes, and any other duties I can remember and need to do.

Don't ask me why those things are not done before the morning of the meeting. It's just how I roll. I don't have an answer. 

Some of the Kaffe fabrics that Mrs. Marilyn is using
The meeting went well, except that only Mrs. Marilyn had a show and share. Even I didn't, because the Harley Davidson quilt has gone to Baton Rouge. 

Today we started a block-of-the-month (BOM) for a row quilt. I decided to keep it simple: choose three colors or fabrics, make five 12" blocks using my directions, and in six months we will each have a quilt top that measures 60" X 72".
A bad closeup of Mrs. Marilyn's EPP top

Today I showed and explained the log cabin block. Directions are fairly straightforward, but there are several ladies in the group who do not quilt unless the rest of us push them. So we're pushing.

I have several other things going on right now. One is that I ordered and received a Sew Steady table top for the Bernina. It's huge! Much bigger than I expected, so I'm going to move the machines around in an attempt to make using it somewhat easier. I love it. 

I broke the original piece that came with the machine, and it's getting too wobbly to use. In the picture below, you can see that the bed of the machine is very narrow--great for sewing in tight spaces, like a sleeve or on baby clothing--but a disadvantage with strip piecing. 

You can also see that the table is clear. It's like looking down through glass, so I should be able to see the scissors, rippers, etc. in the space that they seem to migrate to. I had to make a few adjustments to the table height so that there's no bump when sliding fabric from the table to the machine bed. Now that I've got it smooth, the table is a great addition to the Bernina.

Lastly, here are some photos I took in nearby fields of these yellow-flowered weeds that bloom every spring. The yellow flowers are tiny, maybe half an inch wide, yet they completely cover the ground.

This first picture is beautiful because of the contrast in the blue of the sky and the yellow of the flowers. I literally took the picture from inside the truck when Richard slowed down a bit. The tree wouldn't get out of the way, but now I like having it there. :)

I took this picture today. Both are from the same field, but from different angles. In this picture the flowers cover the ground, which inclines just enough to see more of them. I had to share these; I appreciate how beautiful God's work is. Weeds that will be plowed under in a few weeks are astonishing if only we look around. 

Don't just smell the roses, look at the wildflowers. 

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Karen S said...

Meetings are always a busy time. I think we often put things off because we know we work better under pressure anyway.
The clear table looks great. I have been thinking of one, too, but am thoughtful about the space it needs. hope it works for you.