Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: TURQUOISE

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(Like my brain can differentiate this beautiful mess) 
Do you find it difficult distinguishing between those blue-green colors that we call turquoise, teal, and aqua? I do. It seems that every time I name a color in this family, my artist friend reminds me that it's actually something else. 

The problem is not being corrected, it's remembering which is which even after the many, many reminders. Kind of like recognizing a face but not being able to put a name to it. Guess what? Google knows the difference! Of course, right. 

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Not only did I find an explanation, I found this paint chip photo. The definition may help: aqua-blue water; turquoise-light blue with some greenish; teal-dark blue-green. 

Beautiful turquoise iron stairs

I want a book stack like this! - Oooh! 2 of my favorite things: books and the color turquoiseI really need a mnemonic for this sort of memory to stick, so I'm going with a crazy way to remember. aqua is water blue (no brainer); turquoise (light blue with some greenish) is a long word with a long definition; teal a four-letter word has a four-letter definition (dark). I know, it's not the best, but it may help.
ocean wave....                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Notice that Pinterest doesn't distinguish among the colors. If you search aqua, teal, or turquoise, you'll get all three, so maybe the mnemonic may be of use after all. 

photo by Rick Ligthelm

Find and save ideas about Colorful birds, Pretty birds, Beautiful birds and Tropical birds.

flora-file                                                                                                                                                      MoreBleu pendentif en turquoise turquoise howlite par BubbleGumGraffiti

Some of the quilts here have all three colors from this family, but I'm including them because photographs can appear differently. Using the colors as they appear on your device, try to distinguish between them. Did I get it right...are there more quilts with turquoise? 

turquoise nine patch

Stunning "Blue Ribbon" quilt by Kent Williams.

Pretty!  Love the colors... so soothing and BEACHY!I like this quilt..

Swoon quilt with darker background....most are done with white background fabric.

Tula Pink's Pancakes pattern in blues and seafoam. Girls in the GardenVarious size blocks allow for varying size prints

Love these colors: tangerine, Aqua, gray, turquoise

Used Rapid Fire's Hunter Star ruler.  TamarackShack's lovely quilting!Rail Fence Quilts

Recently I got together with a group of women for a sew day.  We meet monthly and I always teach a technique and we make a quilt for charit...

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