Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scratch that list!

I love lists. Well, I love scratching things off a "To Do" list, anyway. My list for this week was getting rather long. In fact, I was forgetting some of the items that needed to be added to the list. 

You know how it goes: you have something in the back of your mind, you need the something now, but it's not happening. I do that pretty often. It's my main reason for having a list. 
In fact without a list, I will do 100 other things--none of them important or necessary. That ADD will get me every time. Some time ago I found this To Do app for my phone. I really like that I can use it in several ways. Mostly I use it to help me stay focused. 

In the screen shot above, there are actually two lists. On the left side is the list I looked at this morning. On the right side is the list tonight. I managed to strike off four items today. Yay!

Of course there are times when electronics just won't cut it. Those are the times for "old school" apps: pencil and paper. When I work on a quilt, I write notes and pin them to the quilt block(s) or strips. I'm not very neat but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I have paper and pencil/marker/pen close at hand and use them. 

I find that keeping a notepad near my worktable doesn't work: I lose it. Instead, I just tear off pieces from any paper that is handy. I recycle, sure, but mostly it's fast and easy. Those scraps in the picture above are the actual notes that I wrote and pinned to the last quilt I made.

The first item on my To Do list for today is to make Leta's bunting. It's for a tea party shower that she is helping with. I agreed to make the bunting and have put it off waiting for her to get back to me. Well, no more. It worried me that I'd forget completely. So today was THE DAY. And here it is.

A couple of the items that I crossed off I can't show you. Just believe that I ordered my medicine. :) Oh and I really did log on and change my password. Easy, quick, done!

And this is the last that I accomplished today. Two members of our guild donated this lovely quilt to be sold (or raffled) to raise money for future projects. My job as president, was to pick up the quilt,  add a hanging sleeve to the back, and display it in the local museum. Hopefully the extra traffic that they get during an annual Easter festival will bring in a buyer. 

 I managed to get the sleeve stitched on yesterday and brought it to the museum today. Luckily, the lady who works at the museum is very accommodating and helped me in hanging it.

Since I've played with Google photos for an hour now, trying unsuccessfully, to create an animation for tonight's post, I'm going to call it a night. Here's hoping your day was at least as productive.

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Karen S said...

I have become a list person, too. In my younger days i could keep it all in my head and never forget a thing. Now I am sure that each time I think of something new it pushes out something else. I definitely need lists!!!!