Saturday, March 31, 2018

More Pincushion Finishes

Somehow I'm going to have to keep track of which pincushions I've shown you and which ones I have left. I decided to show you in batches since that's how I'm making them. Plus, each batch kind of has a theme or colorway. Maybe it's more a colorway.
I wrote about the first batch here.

I'm sewing ahead of my writing because for some strange reason that's how it's going. Don't read too much in it though, I'm not that far ahead with the sewing. 

In the second batch, (here) I used an off-white background fabric. In that post I wrote about my plan for all the pincushions. For these I found a piece of Kona Black in the scrap bucket. It was big enough to cut down, which I needed to do because the other scraps were more like slivers. 

I decided not to spend much time agonizing over what the pincushions would look like. My plan is to let people choose their own, so if someone doesn't like a color or whatever, she can choose another. Or none at all. 

I like the black on these but I really like the tight quilting on the topmost in this picture. I've tried this checkerboard quilting on a few other pincushions since, and it always ends up being one of my favorite motifs. Too bad it's so time-consuming.

Of the pincushions themselves, the orange with the thin sliver of black in the middle is my favorite. I don't even know why. I'm fairly sure the purple and gold LSU colorway is going to go quickly, so I've been trying to include one or two in each batch. 

I do not like the wavy quilting (it looks messy) but there's no way I'm ripping out some quilting on a pincushion. If everyone says it's too messy, I'll toss it away. 

And there you have it....four more pincushions in an afternoon of sewing. 

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Karen S said...

You are turning out quite a few of these. Every one is so different. Great as gifts and fun to make. Looking good!