Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: signature blocks

I will begin working on a surprise quilt using signature blocks that will, of course, be signed by people who will be gathering together for a photo-shoot in May.

I like the use of rectangles and squares for the sashing and minimal use of white fabric.  I can't seem to get my blocks even with each other when the sashing is one piece.

 We are working on a directory, so while we have as many people as possible, we want to get as many signatures as possible. Then it will be a matter of calling anyone who did not sign to ask that they sign a patch. 

While one event is in no way related to the other, we thought that mixing them up would help us to achieve both endeavors. Is that broad and ambiguous enough to keep the surprise secret? 

Actually, I'm fairly certain that the gift receiver does not read my blog, but I'm being careful anyway. The "we" that I've referred to are just some friends who are helping me to accomplish all of their goals.  Did you catch what I did there? It's not even my idea or plan. I'm just the person who will be doing some of the sewing. 

Some of these signature block ideas are pins from when I made another signature quilt for a wedding back in 2013. Goodness it doesn't feel like five long ago. 

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play with the arrangement to enclose
the white spaces for signatures
Quilting| Serafini Amelia| by Jacquie Gering

I need this exactly.

42 Quilts: Modern Monday - Block 54
Reverse the colors so the signatures
would be inside the tumblers

Of course the blocks that I like the most are the ones that are very (VERY) non-traditional. Those last four are pretty awesome. I'd choose the first on the upper left, but I doubt that the people who instigated this work will appreciate my choice. I'm going to stick to tradition and probably go with this one that I created in EQ8.

But of course, I need to speak to other people and get this design "approved." I think, though, that whatever I offer will be accepted since I've requested that we keep the plan simple so that other people can also work on the blocks. 

now now, i know its a siggy quilt, but maybe a thin strip of putty/ash type colour through the white and help balance the hst as the focus?
My hope is that I can cut and sew a few blocks before we meet so that others can get a gist of the idea. I also plan to have several fabric markers so that we can make most of the decisions in one meeting. 

#Quilt pattern I love! This is a fun one, and fairly easy too! pattern from E Burns scrappy block (used for signature quilts that were done)
If it doesn't work...well, here are a few plan Bs. 

Wedding guest signature quilt. It's so nice to see people's kind comments every day.

wedding guest book signature quilt

Five Fat Quarter Fun - Garden Path | A Little Bit Biased | Bloglovin’

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Have a wonderful week, everyone. 

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