Thursday, April 26, 2018

Paducah Quilt Week -- 5 -- mostly modern

A few more of the pictures I took last week. These are almost exclusively all winners. I tried to get both the title of the quilt and the ribbon(s) but I'm sure there are a few that I missed. Getting decent photos was especially difficult because of space limitations. 

The quilts were quite close together and were cordoned off so that we couldn't get directly in front of most of the quilts. I also try to be patient with other visitors and work around them.

These are all so beautiful! Are you a modern quilter? Do you mix modern and traditional or are you more of an improv quilter? 
Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm a traditional quilter. I like some of the modern quilts, but I just don't get them. I don't understand why someone would want to have such a mishmash of fabrics. A traditional quilter knows where things go when they make a block. And when I put the blocks together, I know there's a pattern. I like a plan and don't understand what's wrong with having a pattern or something to help me visualize the quilt I'm making.
Caroline (U.K.)

Karen S said...

I don't necessarily want to make them but I do enjoy them and really appreciate the work in them.

Kaja said...

I just love seeing all the different approaches people have to making a quilt - I like the ones I would never make just as much as the ones I wish I had made.

Preeti said...

Thank you for sharing the eye-candy. I am not sure what kind of quilter I am - still exploring. I like bright colors (you know that). And find it impossible to work with civil war fabrics - very depressing.