Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bad Weather Bummer

Easter was great for the Marcotte clan. Almost all of the kids were here on Saturday and we had beautiful, sunshine but just enough cool air that playing in the yard was manageable. 

The kids had an egg tossing contest, which turned out exactly as expected--messy, but they had fun and we enjoyed a few laughs.

Since then we've been having crazy weather for the last several nights. The kind of 50-70 mph winds that knock out the power grid, or the TV satellite, or the internet or, sometimes, the phone system. It's an interesting way to live in a time of communication progress.

Since I've been keeping Miss Priss for the last few days, getting on the computer happens only at night when she is asleep and the wind is bursting through the atmosphere with some mean lightening and booming thunder.

The dogs have finally decided that the monster they hear is not here, meaning they aren't yapping in those high pitch voices they're famous for. So there's that. 

However, the same thundering booms that wake the dogs also occasionally wakes Milly. Thank goodness she doesn't cry or yap, but she does find a way to climb on me for security purposes. 

That was a long way to say I have a post written but in need of photos, which I can't access, so I'll try again tomorrow. There are a few finishes to share with you. 


Karen S said...

Good grief. That is not an easy time. Hope everything settles quickly!

Karen S said...

Good grief. You are having a rough time. Hope it all settles quickly for you.