Sunday, April 8, 2018

Tea Party!

One of my best friends calls me her sister friend. (Isn't that just a loving endearment?) Leta's daughter is getting married in less than a month. Today was one of her bridal showers. Since Jules (her nickname) loved to play tea party when she was a little girl--her late grandmother was a true Southern Lady--Leta decided to have a tea party theme. 

The ladies of her church prepared a variety of tea party foods, I loaned a few of my rose decorated dishes, and a couple of other friends pitched in to decorate and prepare. 

Leta (mom) and Jules (bride to be)

The beautiful decorations created a lovely, fun party atmosphere for a bridal shower. Having it right after Easter means that there were lots of fresh "yard" flowers in bloom to create bouquets for the tables. However, the weather was downright cranky: cold and windy, then cold and wet, then miserable. 

Still, we had a wonderful, cozy time dressed in summery dresses and sandals with light sweaters. So very perfect for a spring tea party. Packing the dishes and linens to the truck proved that getup to be a little skimpy in the rain and wind, but I survived. 

Oh, one more thing: remember the bunting that I made a couple of weeks ago? That little project for this party.

I love having friends who are there for each other. Leta and I have been through many years of laughter, fun, tears, heartache, and friendship. I know I can always count on her. And I am committed to being there for her anytime she needs. Happily most of her calls are for help with a fun project, but I love her no matter what she calls for.

Who is the friend that you can call no matter the circumstance?

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Karen S said...

That is a lovely theme and the decorations are so pretty.