Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: small town life

That's our life: small town. Only a few families. Only a few homes. Only a few folks.

Wellfleet, Massachusetts: Even though this Cape Cod-based town is famous for its mild, sweet oysters, natives  ("Fleetians," as they call themselves) stay for the nine beaches, white-clapboard New England-style homes and trendy restaurant scene.This is a neat town to stay in,in December, each weekend they have Santa, caroling and the whole town is decorated. The best part is each evening they do a countdown at dusk and then turn on the lights.

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Virginia ~ Clarksville Chamber of Commerce © Sheila Cuykendall

Best Downtown – Old Town Alexandria. Loaded with history, but balanced with modern fun, Alexandria was named one of’s top 10 choices for best downtowns around the country. Located on the Potomac, just 6 miles from Washington, D.C., Alexandria offer a beautiful historic district, museums, theaters and shopping. It was also named one of’s Best Cities for Foodies in 2013.

A few from Pinterest and a few from our travels...


Interestingly, these small towns are all much bigger than our small town. Here we have three churches, a post office, a town hall, and homes. Some of the homes are old, historic homes, but that's all we can brag about. We're okay with not having a grocery store, a dollar store, restaurants. We gladly travel 15-20 minutes for those. 

Belle idée, les toits en dentelle !

And on That Farm - With a Big Quilt Here and a Small Quilt There Pattern: And on That Farm - With a Big Quilt Here and a Small Quilt There is the block 1 applique pattern of the And on That Farm quilt by McKenna Ryan. This quilt block features a quaint farm town with quilts on the barns! Finished quilt block measures 47 1/2

Round the Garden. Pattern by Wendy Williams.

Country Quilts: New Pattern--Summer

Country Quilts

A house on a quilt is a symbol of comfort and the togetherness of family, friends, and neighbors. House quilts really appeal to us, maybe be...

I finished   machine quilting my wallhanging with the houses. I try and do the smaller quilts I make and leave my large quilts to the p...

My Kinda Town quilt pattern designed by Peggy Larsen for Fiberworks features 9 whimsical paper pieced blocks

This would be a fun quilt to do by having a bunch of kids draw the house pictures!

Here it is all in one piece!  I can't wait to see how it looks when it's quilted!  I am waiting on 1 block which will be made into a label!!!


It's always nice to see such variety on a theme, but the number of quilts depicting small towns is really surprising to me. Most of these have been added to my board, "heart, quilts." 

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