Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration -- Houston IQS {page 8}

These are the last of the Houston photos that I have. Well, those that are good enough to consider sharing. I'm not even sure just what I have here.

Life Stories Told Through My Quilts 
Family Reunion by Barbara Ann McCraw

Big Blue by Barbara Ann McCraw

Trip to the End of the World
Voyage en Namibie by Bridgit Didier 

Mount Fitz Roy by Rita Dijkstra

 Landscape Quilts 

Sunset Splendor by Barbara Triscari

 Fire in the Stone by Kimberly Lacy

And Yet She Persisted by Rachel Derstine

Antelope Canyon by Vicki Bonhoff

Lava by Marilyn Lone

 Hanging out to dry by Vicki Conley

See the Dawn in Wuling, Taiwan by Yueh-Yua Yang

Traylor Shaft by Anne Moats

 Classical Quilts in Modern Style from Brigitte Morganroth - Retrospective 
Big Bang by Brigitte Morganroth

Folklore by Brigitte Morganroth

Berg und Tal by Brigitte Morganroth

Jahresringe II by Brigitte Morganroth

Viewpoints 9: Living Planet 
Energies by Diane Wright

Full Steam Ahead by Alicia Merrett

 Rising Stars: Jill Kerttula
Virginia Beach by Jill Kerttula

Urban Voyeur: DC Crane by Jill Kerttula

Sidewalk 2 by Jill Kerttula

I didn't know that a quilter or anyone who wants to curate a group of quilts can suggest a collection to display. I kept wondering why there were so many small display, meaning displays of only a few (8-10) quilts. Or why a grouping of quilts by one artist. 

Hmm, interesting concept. I liked being able to walk into a "gallery" and know right away that all of the quilts had been made by one quilter or quickly realizing the theme or concept. What do you think about this idea of many small collections rather than only a few large categories? What would you like to see curated?

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