Friday, April 29, 2011

Delay of Game

On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment in Alexandria.  Dusti, our grand daughter, was visiting for a few days while out of school for the week, so we decided to enjoy our day.  After the appointment we did a little shopping and came home with fabrics and a pattern that she picked out.

She absolutely loves these bold prints, especially the polka dots.  Once we decided on a pattern, she had no problem imagining the little skirt in black and white animal prints, so we added three bolts to the stack already on the cutting table.  The cute little prints on the right are for the little grands.  They will get almost matching capris or dresses depending on what their moms want.  I won't even mention the final cost, but let's just say I could have purchased enough for a nice, large quilt!

So, instead of working on any quilt project, I came home instead to make a few garments for a 12 year old.  She was quite helpful, cutting apart the pattern pieces and separating them into stacks.  The dress sewed up in no time. We had to make a few adjustments so it would fit her cute little figure, but it's rather nice to buy the fabrics and have a finished garment in the same day.

On Thursday I sewed up the shorts.  The pattern didn't include shorts, so I had to put together something on my own, but that wasn't a big problem.  The bigger problem was finding a way to sneak away from Richard and Adam.  They are in the middle of a construction project and needed extra hands.  I still wonder what they do on "real jobs" since it's just the two to them on those occasions.  Anyway, I managed to sneak away a few times--once because I'd gotten so hot they were worried about me.  I just walked my flushed body into the studio and cooled off while working on Dusti's shorts.

Today I tackled the skirt.  The pattern claims to be easy, but that little skirt is a doozie--three tiers of gathered flounce does not make for a fun sewing day.  But in the end I got it tamed down enough to put stitches in.  The flounces are gathered just enough to make them, well, flouncy and in the way.  I pinned each one to another part of the skirt just to keep it out of the way while I sewed.  But didn't it end up looking really cute?  Dusti hasn't seen it yet since she went home yesterday (it's Jolie's turn) but she'll get it this afternoon.  I'm anxious to see it on her.  Richard says it's too big, but he's in denial about how much she's growing.  The dress fit quite well and needed only a few little adjustments.  Here are photos of the dress and shorts.  What do you think?  Do you sew garments?  Leave a comment and thanks for visiting.

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young by design said...

Too cute! Isn't it FUN sewing little kids clothes?? They still get to wear such fun things!! Lovely job!