Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Product Review: Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover 2 OuncesHave you ever discovered a small yellow, oily spot on a just-finished garment or quilt?  It's so easy to touch the fabric to a machine part, and one tiny touch is enough for the machine oil to get into the fabric.  Since fabric is so absorbent, a few seconds can wick even more oil from the machine.
What to do about the oil?  Certainly washing is necessary, but oil must be pretreated before the fabric is put into the machine.  I've tried lots of different concoctions for removing the oil, especially when I was quilting large quilts on my home machines.  Because the throat is so small, I had to bunch up the quilt layers to fit them into the small space.  That meant that quite often the bunched quilt would fold and roll toward the machine, touching the needle or needle bar, which I tend to oil almost every time I clean and oil the machine.  That sometimes meant staining the quilt multiple times with small dots of yellow that refuse to leave.  
Recently I pick up a work in progress that I'd put aside for about two years.  I had several problems of oil stains and even a blood stain from getting pricked on the finger while trying to quilt on the home machine.  I decided to finish the quilt then attempt to get the stains out.  I figured that two years of sitting on the shelf had given the stains plenty of time to penetrate and harden, so if they were coming out, waiting a few more days would not make much difference.  I finished the quilt and purchased some of the Grandma's Secret Spot Remover.  I had not used it before but had read a couple of good reviews and spoken to a couple of people who really like the product.  What the heck!  I gave it a try and was pleased beyond description!  Every stain came out--blood, oil, dust.  All of it.                                                                                     
The white on this quilt is unbelievably white and crisp.  I love this stuff!  Who would not love something that cleans so well, and with so little effort.  I simply poured a small amount of the spot remover directly on the spot and rubbed it in using my fingers.  Let it sit up for about five minutes while the machine filled with water, added my usual laundry detergent, then tossed the quilt into the washer.  
I'll admit that I was a bit worried about taking the quilt out, thinking that the really bad spots would still be there.  No, not at all!  What a relief!  If you find yourself looking at one of those mean little (or big) spots that is almost impossible to remove, reach for some Grandma's and it will be gone in the time it takes to load the washer and launder.

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jenclair said...

Although I haven't done much quilting for a while, I appreciate the recommendation for this product because all of my shirts end up with various stains!