Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink and Pretty

I spent a pretty good day in the studio.  I somehow managed to escape the construction zone and spent a couple of minutes on Facebook with my sister who turned 49 today.  I'd sent her a message yesterday that I'd had a mass said for mom for her birthday and asked her favorite color.  Can you guess that her answer was pink?  I'm trying to make each of my seven sisters a table runner using some of the fabrics from mom's stash.  

Of course, I had that moment of inspiration after two birthday's had already passed.  I made a white linen runner for Angie, the oldest, in March and since Laura is the next on the calendar, she gets this one.  Perhaps I can catch up with Courtney and Lee's table runners during the summer.   I do feel a bit guilty about missing their birthday and plan to give them runners for their next birthdays if necessary, but I'll feel much better if I can take care of it sooner.

Sid's birthday is next in August so I have lots of time to get hers made.

Laura's quilt was fairly easy since I had the idea in my head for a day or so.  I hope to make a few more in different colorways for my Etsy shop, so before mailing it off on Monday, I'll have to take a few measurements, but it's not such a difficult quilt to make.  So recreating it will be easy enough.  The fleur de lis is my own design.  I had a die made for my Accuquilt Studio cutter.  There are three different body parts and three different arm parts and a crosspiece.  For La's quilt, I used the same body but the arms are different.  Can you see the difference?

The label reads, "La's Quilt  Mary Marcotte  Tablerunner 2011  Made especially for Laura Kliethermes from Mom's stash  April 30, 2011"  

What do you think?  Will using some of mom's fabrics add to the sentimentality?  I hope so.  Leave a note or birthday wish for La.  I plan to tell her about the quilt story on my blog, and I'm pretty sure she'll check it out.

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young by design said...

This is such a nice gift for your sisters. . . a part of you and a part of your Mom. They will love them and cherish them.