Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Surprise

Mother's Day is next Sunday and Richard had the opportunity to get me (him) a surprise that we've talked about on and off since Cotton, our Maltese, came into our lives.  We've considered getting a little girl and raising puppies so that others will have the chance to enjoy such sweet, devoted little pets as much as we do.  I must say that despite Cotton's many bad habits--he believes that everything belongs to him and should be marked as such--he's been a wonderful puppy.  He seems to have a sense for my needs and loves nothing more than to sit in my lap and love me.  That's his his momma!  Sure, he likes chasing a ball or any top that's tossed away, he loves to mark everything in his path with his own personal perfume, and he will jump for joy at the thought of a treat, but love his momma is his job, his passion, and his hobby.  Richard can open the door when we arrive home, but Cotton will race right past him to me.  Richard may feed him every day, make sure he gets his meds and tick/flea treatments, goes to the vets, just about anything Cotton needs he gets from Richard.  But he loves his momma.  

Well, now he has another girl in his Cotton Candy Kisses, Can-can for short.  She will be the new momma in this house.  If Cotton is half as devoted to her as he is to me, she will have a pretty good life!

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LaDonna and Diana said...

Oh, how sweet! Love the name! For us, having at least two dogs works out great! They are such good companions for each other, especially when we're gone during the day. People like to say double trouble when they see our two Scotties but I say, double the love!