Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cute It Up Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs, Cute it Up, is having a giveaway!  I thought you might be interested....I know I'd love to win!  If you are interested, get busy cause the contest ends in just a few days.

Not a lot of stuff today, we're almost out of school (one more day, yay) so I've been terribly busy trying to pack up my personal stuff, clean up the library, and help with the end-of-year paperwork.  That's way more than seven hours can contain, so I've been hanging out for an extra hour or two each day in a effort to wrap it all up.  

Tomorrow, however, I will drive away from MHS for the last time as a member of the faculty, so I'll probably leave at a normal time.  I hate long goodbyes--that means I'll finish up the last of the packing and load the car, then make my rounds to say goodbye to my friends.  

Hugs to everyone at MHS, thank you for a great eight years.

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