Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Cleanup

While others are preparing for the evacuations that the coming high water will likely cause, I'm spending my evenings trying to undo what the puppies did over the weekend.  While the kids and grandkids are here, we put Cotton in the sewing studio.  He's getting old and grumpy and doesn't like the hair pulling that all those little hands are capable of.  

Growling really doesn't mean much to a couple of one and a half year olds.  They think he's playing!  He is not.  In fact, he will go so far as to try to move the hands, but little hands don't let go so easily.  For one thing, there's less control of gross motor skills, and for another the girls tend to squeeze harder when we try to move the hands.  It's got to be some automatic response.  Regardless, Cotton's growling and teeth have no effect on their little paws.  That means he's had to be separated from the hands, and the one place le grandbebes can not go is the quilt studio. 

Then we added another puppy to the fold.  That means le grandbebes can chase both Cotton and Candy and they love it!  Cotton gets tired of it in about 30 seconds and climbs into his bed where they really don't bother him too much, unless they find one of his toys.  Candy is only four months and has much more energy but even she wears out eventually.  After all, it's two little sets of sticky paws on strong little toothpick legs who are chasing her.  

Out to the studio the puppies go!  Now Cotton has NEVER gotten into trouble when he was sent there alone.   But add a rambunctious little female and you're bound to have some kind of mess upon your return.  Well, guess what?  It turns out that Candy likes to shred stuff, especially paper, especially gift tissue paper, especially lots of gift tissue paper!  She found a box that I'd set down in a corner (I'm so bad about doing that) and just had a heyday.  

Check out the mess in these photos, a bit like a New Orleans street the day after Mardi Gras, but without the liquor smell.  Of course, there was that puppy playing too roughly smell.   

The silly little girl thought she'd get away with it! The nerve of her.  She tried to pretend she had no idea what I was fussing about, but it's hard to get away with murder when there's blood on your hands.  In her case, trash fabric strips caught in her scraggily fur. Silly girl!  

I'm thinking Cotton was the real culprit and knocked the waste basket over, and she was caught in the crossfire.....or joined the fray once he started the party.  But he was lying quietly in his bed, and she had thread and fabric strips flowing from her back AND shredded paper caught in her teeth.   
It took a while but the studio floor is in much better condition.  Now to tackle the worktable!  Thank goodness they are such small pups.....who wants to bet the party would have been kicked up a notch if they could have climbed to the table top!   I have no doubt Candy would have danced till I turned off the music!

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LaDonna and Diana said...

Oh, this made me laugh! I can so relate! I've had more than one dog run off with the toilet paper and fabric scraps, shred tissues, and destroy pillows! Makes life interesting and fun! Never a dull moment with grandbabies and puppies!

On a serious note, I hope you aren't affected by the flooding.