Sunday, May 15, 2011

Peepers, Quackers, and Quailers

Oh My!  Have you ever suggested something reasonable to your husband then discover that he took your reasonable suggestion to the next level?  My husband either goes with NO or takes a reasonable suggestion to about the 10th level.  Here's one example:
Remember the Fuzzy Peepers?  The little chicks that I was so proud of?

I got seven about a month ago and they are doing very well--growing, putting on feathers, requiring more food and water and space that we were not prepared for.

So we borrowed a bigger brooder, bought larger feeders and water containers and prepared to move the seven peepers to their new home. This photo on the left is the same peepers--now not so fuzzy, but way bigger, feathered-out, and happy.

So what do you think I suggested?

Get a few more chicks...we have everything we need now and it's the same work whether we're tending seven or 15.  Besides, 15 is my favorite number and with that many we'd occasionally have enough eggs to give some to the kids.

Oh, yes, Richard agreed.
With enthusiasm.
My first clue, of course, but I tend to miss clues and, get this, trust my husband to have good sense.
Go figure, 32 years of craziness and zany lives, and still I do.
Oh well, life goes on.
Right now it goes on with another 20 chicks in the small brooder,

and 12 Peking ducks in another small brooder,

and 40 quail (white and brown) in the big brooder with the original Fuzzy Peepers.

Yes, this is my life!  Ask for something small and reasonable and get something big and outrageous.......

or nothing at all!  Guess, I can live with outrageous......

Have a great week!

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