Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Update

Some days are just not meant for sewing.  Today must have been one for me.  I'm in the middle of a project for the next guild meeting.  I'm presenting "Fussy Cut Dresden Plates" and decided that I needed some practice since it's been a while.  That's the current project, but I haven't gotten far enough to show you anything.

And here's why:

Some of these pretty veggies were picked yesterday, but many of them I picked this morning.  I quit after I filled a five gallon bucket.  It was hot, no I mean HOT, and I don't do heat very well. So, I decided to make acquaintances with the A/C asap.  Of course, I wasn't done.....wash and scrub the veggies.  Cut off the stems and blemishes, chop, fill jars.  Wait, I had to heat the jars, and lids and rings, and mix the vinegar and seasonings, then fill the jars, pour in the boiling vinegar, get the air out (forgot that part last time) then clean the rims and put the lids and rings on.

Are we there yet?  
No, the hot job comes next.  
Put the jars in a huge, heavy pot, cover with hot water and boil.  Remove those and add the next batch.  
Then, you get this:
 Aren't they pretty?  17 in all.  Adam (the human garbage disposal) came in and couldn't wait to see if they would all seal.  He opened a jar of relish just to see what it tastes like.  

I was thinking I'd put up some more, but I don't know.  This is a lot of work and rather expensive.  It's cheaper to buy it already done!  No joke.  I figured the cost.  Not counting the jars, which I had to buy, just the vinegar, sugar, and spices, each jar comes to about $2.25.  I haven't bought pickles or relish in a while but I've looked for them online and found some that look pretty good for $2.99.  Once I factor in the time and running the A/C and stove, I imagine that I'm not very far ahead.  Of course, these babies are my own little creation, made with love for my own little family.  What's the price on that?

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