Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beautiful Birthday

Our little granddaughter, who weighed only two pounds four ounces at birth two years ago, is now a darling, smart, happy, little girl.  We celebrated her second birthday last week and had a party at her Mim's house.  (Mim is her maternal grandmother.)

 Here she is still in the NICU wearing one of the Christmas preemie gowns I made for her.  It seems so long ago that Meggan sent this photo to show me how cute she is wearing the gown.  She's almost two months in this photo and look at how tiny she is in her dad's hand.

 This one is from Saturday's party.  Very shy, our Caki.  She opened a couple of gifts, but it was taking quite a while, so mom put off opening the rest of the gifts till later when she could give Caki more attention.  She's such an amazing mom!

And because she has the most adorable smile--but wasn't feeling it at the party--I thought I'd snatch one of Meggan's recent FB photos.

And this is Sophie.  We can't leave out this little sister!  She's a steamroller who insists on keeping up with the older kiddos!  She absolutely enjoyed the cake, so Meggan asked me to snap a photo.

We thank God for giving our beautiful little girl the strength to survive and pray for all babies in NIC units.  We are also grateful to the nurses and doctors who must have the most difficult jobs in the world.  They know the struggles these babies face and know their chances of surviving, still they manage to face those struggles daily, giving love and comfort to the babies and supporting their families.  They are true heroes and I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for their dedication.  God blesses us by putting the most amazing people in our lives.  Please join me in praying for the men and women who care for the tiniest, frailest of babies and for the babies and families who need our prayers.

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