Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas, puppies, and Grandpa

Here's hoping that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  At the Marcotte home, this Christmas was one of the best.  Although two of the grandchildren had a virus the week before, they were recovered enough to visit and spend the night.  All others are well and accounted for, and we counted our many, many blessings as we attended mass then sat down for Christmas dinner with our children and grandchildren beside us.  

Candy and her two pups

In case there wasn't enough chaos and merriment in our household on Christmas Eve, our Maltese, Candy, decided it would be a good time to birth her puppies.  She did very well for a first timer with a house full of guests and has proven herself an excellent little momma!

Five days old
Today the puppies are five days old and already we can see how much they've grown.  They whimper loudly for such tiny babies, move around and on top of each other and, apparently, are getting lots of milk because they sure are some round little babies.  Pink noses, ears, feet and tummies, they do resemble lab rats but with much cuter faces. Cotton and Candy are awfully proud, but then they did  manage to produce a cute little pair of pups! 

In the meantime, I managed to work up a terrific migraine and spent three days doing my own whimpering.  A Frova tablet combined with lots of sleep (well, sort of sleep) and it finally broke last night, so today I was able to visit my dad for his 82nd birthday!  Now there's a proud poppa!  

All of my sisters and many of our children and grandchildren were there to celebrate, so we had a grand time.  It was wonderful to visit with my sisters, and though they begin leaving tomorrow, there are a few more days of visiting before we all return to work, family and commitments.  

In fact, we're have a "gumbo cook-off" here on Friday.  I likely won't be blogging on Friday night as a result, but I'll give the results of the gumbo tasting and try to get a few pictures as well.  Keep in mind, however, that there will easily be 25 people in and around my house on Friday, so who knows what I may be able to pull off!

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Have a Happy New Year!
Happy Quilting,

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lambs and ivy designs said...

You have all kinds of exciting things going on!!
I adore the pups!!! I just want to kiss them!!

Happy birthday to your day!!!

Happy New Year. May the new year be filled with love, joy, peace and good health for you and your entire family!!!