Friday, June 8, 2012

D.C. and home

Richard (my darling) and I in front of the White House
Half of my family just spent a week in Washington, D.C. as our summer vacation.  Our oldest son, Will and his wife and kids came in part because we were planning to take the children.  At 9-13, they are the perfect ages for a trip filled with educational places and history.  
Lane, Stacey, Jolie, Will, and Dusti
We started out with a ride on the Amtrak train out of New Orleans.  After 26 hours in the same seat, we were thrilled to see Union Station.  Because we had several hours before checking into the hotel, we spent the afternoon at the National Archives, the Navy Memorial and had an early dinner.  

The following day we visited the National Zoo.  We also visited the Capitol, the Sculpture Garden, Library of Congress, Botanical Garden, White House,  Natural History Museum, American History Museum, Air and Space Museum, several art museums, Holocaust Museum, the Mall and every memorial between the Washington and Lincoln Memorials, and several churches.  And all on a very tight budget!  Remind me later and I'll share some of my D.C. on a budget tricks. 
I am so happy that we did D.C. with the kids and only wish that the little grands were able to come with us, but they could not have kept up with our racing pace.  It was perhaps the best vacation we've ever had and certainly the most educational.  I've only about 1200 photos (thanks Will) but I couldn't possibly post them all.  I will, though only for a while, drop in a photo or two of our trip when I've had a chance to enhance them.  I might even share a story or two of this crazy Cajun family in the big city.

For now, though, I've got to get to work on a quilt!
Happy Quilting,

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