Thursday, June 21, 2012

What gives?

I am definitely not understanding this! Since when do people NOT want fabrics?  I just don't get it.  I offered a giveaway of 40 four and one half inch square blocks in red, white and blue fabrics.  So far at least 150 people have visited the post, but only two have left comments, one of two things needed to be eligible to win.  The other thing is to be a follower, but following doesn't seem to be the issue since four or five have become followers.

I don't know what to do except to say, here's your chance at free fabrics.  Of course, you don't have to use the fabrics together, that was my idea, but certainly they can be separated, or just added to your stash.

Leave a message either on the original red-white-and-blue-giveaway post or on this post.  The drawing will be on the 27th.

I'm not going to let it worry me too much.  In fact, check out what I've been up to lately.   Wanting to practice some feathers, I loaded plain white fabric on the machine and played.  
 It's difficult to see white on white, but I basically dropped in some feathers till the small table runner was allmost filled, then I added a few flower motifs and filled the open spaces with pebbles. 

It was fun and easy and looks quite elegant.  

I'm thinking it will make a great wedding gift, if I should need one any time soon.  Otherwise, I could give it to a sister.


Linda in Calif. said...

Oh Pick Me, Pick Me!! I've been wanting to do a Red, White and Blue quilt for so long but I don't have the fabrics. These are just beautiful. As for why people are not responding - I have no idea, maybe on vacation (as I was) or just busy with other projects. At any rate, I'm a follower and we light fireworks at home with the family.

Linda in Calif. said...

I love these feathers. You've done a good job. I'm just learning them also, and I find them to be so much fun and so lovely to look at.

Diana and LaDonna said...

Very good job on the quilting! I love no stress quilting, just doing it to see what happens!

I don't know why people aren't responding. It's a great deal! At least you're getting visitors! I'm just now getting back to the blogging world and while I still have followers, I've lost visitors. With everything that has happened within the past year, the blog was the last thing on my mind. I agree with Linda, maybe people are busy with other projects, maybe they don't know what to do with that size, crazy, I know! One thing that may or may not be an issue is the word/number verification to leave a comment. Sometimes those things are really hard to decipher! With some, I've tried three times before I can get it right and other times I just don't have time to do that, when all I want to do is leave a quick comment, so I just give up. I'm sorry for the frustration you are feeling and your time and effort in making the squares is appreciated. Don't let it get you down!


Colleen said...

Oh I just found you! Bummer that others aren't jumping at a chance for free fabric, but maybe that increases my odds! I am just learning, but am growing increasingly obsessed with making my children quilts, and have spent part of my morning designing what I'd love to do for my oldest. I'm sure I will have to simplify what I have in my head due to beginner's skills, but I am so excited, and would love to have more fabric options to pull from! I am figuring out how to follow you as soon as I hit submit :)

Richard Healey said...

I was the 3rd person to enter. I know that for me I am way behind. Today is the 25 and I am finally getting to posts that were made on the 21 like this one. I think I am following too many blogs (600 posts behind right now) Sigh. So much good info out their in the work. Last night I was quilting on a quilt that I got the pattern at a class I took at HMQS it is a red/white/blue star. I love the colors and hope that I win yours.